Ohta T. (EN) — Energy Systems

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Energy Systems
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Energy Systems краткое содержание

Energy Systems - описание и краткое содержание, автор Ohta T. (EN), читать бесплатно онлайн на сайте электронной библиотеки Lib-King.Ru.

This book consists mainly of revised versions of the papers presentedat the "Energy Systems and Technologies: as Approached from Adaptive Complexity" symposium sessions during the 4th International Conference on "NewEnergy Systems and Conversions" (20-30 June 1999; Osaka University, Japan), as well assome pertinent additional research reports.In order to realise the adaptive complexity of a system, it is necessary to know the energy conversion mechanisms of the media. This book details a wide range of situations in which adaptive complexity can be applied and found, from predicting air-flow in a room to describing turbulence as a complex system. The idea of approaching both the study of energy systems and energy technologies from the adaptive complexity aspect is new, and still a very much developing field.These pioneering articles discuss not only previous, but also pending problems.

Energy Systems - читать онлайн бесплатно полную версию (весь текст целиком)

Energy Systems - читать книгу онлайн бесплатно, автор Ohta T. (EN)

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