Gibbins David (EN) — Tiger Warrior

Тут можно читать онлайн книгу Gibbins David (EN) - Tiger Warrior - бесплатно полную версию (целиком). Жанр книги: Иностранная литература. Вы можете прочесть полную версию (весь текст) онлайн без регистрации и смс на сайте Lib-King.Ru (Либ-Кинг) или прочитать краткое содержание, аннотацию (предисловие), описание и ознакомиться с отзывами (комментариями) о произведении.

Tiger Warrior
Язык книги: Английский
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Tiger Warrior краткое содержание

Tiger Warrior - описание и краткое содержание, автор Gibbins David (EN), читать бесплатно онлайн на сайте электронной библиотеки Lib-King.Ru.

Two ancient cultures, a lost treasure from the distant past: what powerful secrets does it concealand how far will some go to possess them? Dive into a new full-throttle hunt from master of the action-adventure thriller David Gibbins, as he unleashesThe trail starts in the Roman ruins and leads to a shipwreck off the coast of Egypt. Soon the worlds top marine archaeologist, Jack Howard, and his team of scientific experts and ex-Special Forces adventurers are pushing their way through the mysterious jungles of India, following in the footsteps of a legendary band of missing Roman legionnaires. Meanwhile, at a remote lake in Kyrgyzstan, a beautiful woman has found evidence of a secret knowledge that has cost the lives of countless seekers through the centuries. And what Jack uncovers will lead him to dig not only into the ancient past but into his own family history. For over a century earlier his great-great-grandfather returned from an archaeological expedition in India forever traumatized by what hed experienced. And in order to lay the past to rest, Jack will have to unearth an artifact that might have been better left buriedand with it a power that some of historys most ruthless tyrants have sought to rule the world.From the Paperback edition.

Tiger Warrior - читать онлайн бесплатно полную версию (весь текст целиком)

Tiger Warrior - читать книгу онлайн бесплатно, автор Gibbins David (EN)

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