— Irish Presidency

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Irish Presidency
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Although the office of President of Ireland has attracted a great deal of public attention, especially since the election of Mary Robinson in 1990, the presidency has been the subject of little analysis. This gap in our knowledge of Irish politics is filled by this timely collection, which brings together a set of studies that explore the political role of the Irish presidency from a comparative perspective.The background to the creation of the presidency in 1937 is considered alongside a detailed assessment of the political, social and symbolic functions of the office.The contributors examine the method of nomination and election - as well as the performance in office - of each president, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Irish presidency and its holders over the last 75 years.'I commend the editors and contributors on a fine volume of essays. I have no doubt that it will be a valuable tool to inform readers and students about the genesis, history and contemporary nature of the Irish Presidency.'- Michael D. Higgins, President of IrelandForeword by President Michael D. Higgins xiii

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