— Methods in Neurosciences

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Methods in Neurosciences
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Methods in Neurosciences, Volume 4: Electrophysiology and Microinjection is a collection of papers that deals with the electrically excitability feature of many cell types. This volume describes the characteristic features of some nervous tissue to conduct signals along cellular paths or "wires." The text presents such paths as a way stimuli are transferred in the nervous system. Section I reviews the recording methodologies such as those used in measuring noninactivating calcium current in smooth muscles cells or the two-suction electrode voltage-clamp recording. Section II deals in detail with voltage clamping and voltammetry; the text also explains the practical steps in using the current pump-assisted voltage clamp. One paper examines the X-ray microprobe analysis of voltage clamped single heart ventricular myocytes, while another paper explains in vivo voltammetry. Section III addresses electrophysiology and purification of specific receptors; one paper presents the results of an electrophysiological study of hormone secretion by single adenohypophyseal cells. Section IV describes special electrodes and equipment, while Section V deals with special preparations needed in culture preparation or in the study of pharmacology of excitatory amino acids on neurons found in the central nervous system. Chapter VI addresses data analysis and reduction such as digital filtering of bioelectric potentials in personal computers. This book will prove valuable for microbiologists, cellular scientists, microchemists, and academicians working in the fields of neuroscience.

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