Armstrong Martin (EN) — Adrian Glynde

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Adrian Glynde
Язык книги: Английский
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Adrian Glynde краткое содержание

Adrian Glynde - описание и краткое содержание, автор Armstrong Martin (EN), читать бесплатно онлайн на сайте электронной библиотеки Lib-King.Ru.

First published in 1930, this is a tale of Adrian Glynde, a thirteen year old boy who has lost his father in WWI and has a troubled relationship with his mother. He struggles with loneliness, complicated family ties and the difficult reality around him as he attempts to grow up and figure out what kind of man he wants to become. Written in 1930 and set between two World Wars, this is a touching coming-of-age story that will be relatable to anyone who has ever felt out-of-place or alone, especially teenagers and preteens.

Adrian Glynde - читать онлайн бесплатно полную версию (весь текст целиком)

Adrian Glynde - читать книгу онлайн бесплатно, автор Armstrong Martin (EN)

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