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Island in Europe, An
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The celebrations which marked the accession of the Republic of Cyprus to the European Union on 1st May 2004 signalled the end of a fourteen year process since the island had first applied to join - and the end of six full years of complicated and intense negotiations. Upon joining the EU, Cyprus was widely regarded as the most advanced of the ten acceding states. Yet this didn't prevent the conditions of accession and its aftermath from bringing widespread and comprehensive changes to the internal social, economic and political situation of Cyprus, as well as to its external relations. _x000D__x000D_An Island in Europe traces these developments, examining the process of accession and its wide-reaching repercussions. It offers an authoritative and comprehensive account of a critical phase in Cypriot history, from a range of experts in the fields of politics, academia and conflict resolution. The authors explain the economic, political and legal ramifications of EU membership and explore how Cyprus has endeavoured - sometimes successfully, at other times less so - to adapt to these demands._x000D__x000D_An Island in Europe also analyses the social and cultural impact that being a member state has had upon the island, for example in its response to increased immigration, as well as the shift in how it is perceived internationally, both by Brussels and by the wider world. The authors also address the fundamental issue of the impact of accession on the relationship between the island's two communities, Greek and Turkish Cypriots, and how EU membership has affected the debate over the island's reunification. While hopes that accession would quickly lead to a resolution of the issues of reunification and settlement have proved unfounded, this book argues that Cyprus' accession to the EU has brought with it a new framework, within which these debates and discussions will invariably be placed. _x000D__x000D_This book is an important contribution to an understanding of contemporary Cyprus. It will be a vital resource for anyone involved with the politics or history of the island or seeking to understand Cyprus as a case study for conflict resolution.

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