— Ecology of Root Pathogens

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Ecology of Root Pathogens
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Ecology of Root Pathogens discusses the significance of fungi infecting the roots, and emphasizes the significant diseases of roots and their symptoms. This book also names the genera and species of fungi that cause diseases of roots, and classifies and characterizes the root and pathogen interaction in soil. The book describes the behavior of plant pathogenic bacteria, such as Agrobacterium, Corynebacterium, Xanthomonas, Pseudomonas, Erwinia, and Streptomyces. It also explores how plants and plant-produced stimuli affect the associated population of plant parasitic nematodes and how these plant parasitic nematodes affect higher plants in certain ways. In addition, this book discusses the morphology, classification, nomenclature, multiplication and translocation of viruses infecting the plants. It also describes the symptoms of the virus infection in roots. The book includes a discussion on the fundamentals of biological control, which include the pathosystem concept, the behavior of the soil microflora in the soil, the reservoirs for infection, the processes of pathogen decline, and the integrated effects on the decline of the pathogen. This discussion on biological control also presents the natural and artificially induced biological control. This book will be of great value to soil microbiologists and plant pathologists.

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