— Studia Biblica 1978. III

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Studia Biblica 1978. III
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Studia Biblica 1978. III краткое содержание

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Sixth International Congress on Biblical Studies, Oxford, 3-7 April 1978. Contents: H.-W. Bartsch, Inhalt und Funktion des urchristlichen Osterglaubens. J.N. Birdsall, The Georgian Version of Revelation. Oscar C. Brooks, A Contextual Interpretation of Gal 3.27. D.H. Campbell, The Identity of ego in Rom 7.7-25. W.S. Campbell, Salvation for Jews and Gentiles: Krister Stendahl and Paul's Letter to the Romans. W.S. Campbell, Christ the End of the Law: Rom 10.4. W.V. Crockett, Ultimate Restoration of all Mankind, 1 Cor 15.22. Paul Ellingworth, New Testament Text and Old Testament Context in Heb 12.3. J.C. Fenton, Controversy in the New Testament. J. Francis, Like newborn babes-the image of the child in 1 Peter 2.2-3. J.M. Gibbs, Wisdom, Power and Well-being. S.G. Hall, Christology, Prophecy and Scripture. Martin Hengel, Hymn and Christology. C.J.A. Hickling, Centre and Periphery in Paul's Thought. C.J.A. Hickling, Paul's Reading of Isaiah. John Holdsworth, The Sufferings in 1 Peter and Missionary Apocalyptic. Gunther Kehnscherper, Romans 8.19-On Pauline Belief and Creation. Sophie Laws, The Blood-stained Horseman: Rev 19.11-13. S.D. MacArthur, Spirit in Pauline Usage: 1 Cor 5.5. T.W. Mackay, Early Christian Exegesis of the Apocalypse. M.J. Moreton, A Reconsideration of the Origins of a Christian Initiation Rite in the Age of the New Testament. J. Nissen, The Problem of Suffering and Ethics in the New Testament. Jerome D. Quinn, Paul's Last Captivity. Heikki RSisSnen, Paul's Theological Difficulties with the Law. Julien Ries, Les Titres NT du Christ dans la Liturgie Gnostique de Medinet Madi. Stephen S. Smalley, What about 1 John? Graham Stanton, Stephen in Lucan Perspective. R.G. Tanner, St Paul and Panaetius. R.G. Tanner, St Paul's view of Militia and Contemporary Social Values. D.H. van Daalen, The Revelation of God's Righteousness in Rom 1.17. J.J. Vincent, Pluralism and Mission in the NT. Joan Hazelden Walker, A pre-Marcan Dating for the Didache: Further Thoughts of a Liturgist. A.J.M. Wedderburn, Adam in Paul's Letter to the Romans. Ann E. Wilhelm-Hooijbergh, The Martyrdom of Peter was Before the Fire in Rome. Ann E. Wilhem-Hooijbergh, In 2 Tim 1.17 the Greek and Latin Texts may have a Different Meaning. R. Williamson, Philo and New Testament Christology. R.E. Witt, The Myth of God's Mother Incarnate. N.T. Wright, Peri hamartias in Rom 8.3. Roy Yates, Christ and Powers of Evil in Colossians.

Studia Biblica 1978. III - читать онлайн бесплатно полную версию (весь текст целиком)

Studia Biblica 1978. III - читать книгу онлайн бесплатно, автор

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